Shin Ramyun Cup

Spicy flavor loved by Koreans, representative ramyun of Korea!!!
Since its development in October 1986, Shin Ramyun has been steadily loved until now.
At present, there is an average 3 million sales of Shin Ramyun each day, translating to about 25% of the total market for ramyun in Korea.
It is recognized as having unprecedented great success in the market for ramyun. Not only in Korea, the unique spicy flavor of Shin Ramyun loved in 80 overseas countries, such as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.


Features of Product
1. Specially mixed flour for premium noodles is used to bring a chewy texture to the noodles.
2. No.1 representative ramyun in Korea made by Nongshim’s state-of-the-art facilities and technology.
Basic Recipe for Product
[Shin Ramyun]
1. Boil 550ml (about 2 1/4 cup) of water. Add noodles, soup base and vegetable mix.
2. Cook for 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. Remove from heat and serve.
[Shin Cup Noodle Soup]
1. Open lid Half way. Add soup base.
2. Pour hot water up to the inside line.
3. Wait for 3 Minutes. Stir well and serve.
[Shin Big Bowl Noodle Soup]
Open the lid to where the arrows are marked. Remove seasoning packet. Open and sprinkle contents over noodles. Add boiling water up to the line inside the cup. Close lid and let stand for 4 minutes. Stir well and serve.
[Shin Bowl Noodle Soup]
Open lid half way, add soup base and boiling water. Close lid and leave for 3 minutes. Remove lid, stir well and enjoy.

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