Sempio Korean Rice Noodles 450g


Sempio vermicelli uses natural ingredients to make delicious and quality vermicelli. In vermicelli, no gluten is used to make it tough.

Sempio Korean vermicelli is made mainly from 2 main ingredients: tapioca starch and sweet potato starch.

Be committed to 3 no with:

No Artificial Colors.
No Potash Alum.
No Preservatives.
Processed in a variety of dishes with vermicelli

Dried dishes such as: Korean mixed vermicelli. Stir-fried vermicelli with crab. Vermicelli salad mixed with shrimp and meat,…
Water dishes such as: Chicken vermicelli. Crispy fried vermicelli. Noodle soup with fresh shrimp,…
Squid with vermicelli & mushrooms,…
Product information of Korean dried vermicelli Sempio
Product type: Dried vermicelli, no seasoning.
Weight: 450g/pack.
Expiry date: 24 months from date of manufacture.
Manufacturer: Sempio.
Made in Korea
The product can be used many times, seal the top of the bag after each use.
⇒ Products are imported and distributed by: Van Thinh Phu Trading Service Manufacturing Joint Stock Company.